Reading: a method of self-annihilation, also a method of escapism. From what?… probably the world. Normalcy equates to bouts of tragedy punctuated by moments of silence and then yet another tragedy right on the heels of the last until they’re stacked one on top of another and you’re like, well, shit. Lately I’ve been reading … More Reading


Lately writing feels addictive and forced and weighty. Maybe it’s just because most things in my head feel heavy and convoluted so I don’t how exactly how to communicate them. Right now they’re like fragments of not-yet-developed muse in some globbish nascent. And then there’s that voice lamenting the lack of LIFE LIVED. It’s counting the number … More TEXT

Jiangyin, China

Jiang Yin is beautiful (and for a million reasons).

There is a certain gritty you-do-your-own-thing feel to the streets of China. They’re often crowded; the markets always are. Sometimes people push and shove but after a while you get used to it. … More Jiangyin, China


I feel so happy. And I can’t tell if it’s because my bag is stuffed with books (mostly Murakami, thanks Dayana for the rec!) or because Burrough’s new memoir is on my lap or because the cafe always plays great music or because caffeine is pumping through my veins … More Happy


On our first morning back, Jiu Jiu takes us to see a Buddhist temple atop a nearby mountain. We pass by strays, wandering babies and people criss-crossing the dusty streets. The area’s a little messy–there also don’t seem to be any hard and fast traffic rules–so it can be a bit of a challenge to … More 中国