Dope Prints


“For every dope room requires dope prints” – Dope Rooms 12:19

(Some daily dose of aesthetic, in case you were looking for any.)

I’m bouncing off the walls in excitement, giddy headache-inducing joy, formatting and re-formatting prints on Photoshop. Happy, I’m so happy, I’m really happy–look, prints!

7 thoughts on “Dope Prints

      1. …after I read your comment, though, I decided to make prints of my own stuff! ’twas fun. And ooh, that’s cool, didn’t know you’d been into graphic design. Would you post any on WP?


  1. I grew up on DIY culture. I was too proud/stubborn to ask my parents for money and I was a constantly-broke writer when I was younger. So what I couldn’t afford, I made myself. It actually makes you more conscious as a consumer. I began asking myself, “Why should I buy someone else’s product just because of its brand when I can make them myself?” Instead, I support fellow independent makers like the artist in your blog post.

    And, yeah, I’ll post some of my analog and digital graphic design shit on WP soon. Maybe we can trade artworks later on.

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    1. Trading works would be dope af, lol, I’d love to! Looking forward to seeing your work c:

      Ah. You sounded pretty keen when you were younger. And resourceful. You made do with what you had, creative talents included.


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