The past 31 days breezed by relatively quickly. This morning, I compiled the 31 days’ worth of entries into one massive post, so I could cleanly revisit it in chronological order. Some days were wordier than others. On the brief days, the most challenging part was coming up something to write about that wasn’t too … More Reflecting

Norwegian Wood

And just like that, Marukami’s done it again– strung me into his worlds of dreams, lust, prose and despair. This time, I didn’t feel as though I was on the cusp of reality. Rather, I felt myself grounded in the meadows of Norwegian Wood. “Memory is a funny thing. When I was in the scene, … More Norwegian Wood

String of Thoughts

A string of thoughts, in no particular order: The mind is the strangest thing. One of my favorite books reminds me that we’re all stuck in our heads, projecting our own distorted notions of reality onto the screen of our minds. It’s all constructed, pieced together by attention, a weird believable 3D fabrication that we … More String of Thoughts