Weekend Trip

This past weekend was a good one. We roll in after five and a half hours on the road. For the first half, I immerse myself in the bloated dialogue of Altered Carbon, pausing every now and then to contemplate the soothing country road. Do you want to make a stop? Why not? We take … More Weekend Trip

Chinatown, Los Angeles

On the drive the Chinatown, the roads dipped and curved at odd angles. Los Angeles welcomed us with the smell and grit of urban spaces. People milled about; restaurants dotted the sidewalk; cars zipped through the streets. I spotted the tell-tale entrance of Chinatown—a paifang, or, according to Wiki, a “traditional style of Chinese architectural … More Chinatown, Los Angeles


This is us, scream shouting 2000s hip hop into the 55 mph summer wind. Kanye, POWER. Pop, lock, and drop it. Yeah! Usher. Lose Control. Snoop Dogg. Soulja Boy. This is me, remembering some obscure Kanye and Missy Elliot lyrics, swooshing my belly around in the passenger seat. This is you, bewildered but hitting all … More Tonight

Pause, Rewind

“I wish I could pause time and moments like this without having to think about what’s next.” Pause. The sun set. We were quiet. It felt like the moment when my friends and I were in Central Park, New York. We’d found a pond with ducks and turtles facing a castle in in the distance. … More Pause, Rewind


I often feel like the same exact person with the same exact tendencies and same exact thoughts and same exact desires and same exact confusions as I was years and years ago, just with different memories. All those experiences imploded into themselves, became wisps of recollection. When I revisit them, they’re light and intangible. It’s … More Warp