10:09 pm

I’m tired. I don’t like this sense of floating. I feel like I’m floating from one state to another, between certainty and uncertainty, motivation and laziness, meaningfulness and meaninglessness. It’s not a marked issue–I’m not plagued with a consistent emotion, and there are no external conflicts. It’s just mild turbulence, and I wish I could … More 10:09 pm


It feels good to have talked to my best friend I know I’m really awful at texting and calling and checking in as much as I should But it’s just really good to finally make that round and circle back to the ones I care about It was nice to hear her voice (And my … More Crunchy


Existential ruts. They’re like potholes, almost–a little expected, still unexpected, a part of the terrain, generally unwelcome. I browsed some article on existential separateness and felt a flutter of it. Existential loneliness is the notion that we are all individuals, distinct in ourselves, with experiences only we will ever truly comprehend. When we’re gone, we … More Existential