5 Happy Hours

On the heels of that post, I ended up going to our happy hour for five hours. It was meant for the whole cohort, and we wondered about turnout, but it was just the usual other half–us. Usually we already sit together. Much tea was spilt. I can feel the British rolling in their graves. … More 5 Happy Hours


I read a book this evening. Literature. Fiction. It was called Dominicana. It reminded me of Junot Diaz because of its style and themes. Cheating, romance, love and poverty. Moments of betrayal. The Dominican Republic. New York City. Poverty juxtaposed against more poverty. Relative wealth–Americana! It wasn’t until after I heard Junot Diaz speak that … More Dominicana


My guinea pigs are squeaking with delight. C is leaning into his food bowl to grab pellets and hay; B is chewing vigorously on his new chew toy. They look like twins, but one is a bit smaller and lighter. The right one is C. The left one is B. My guinea pigs are the … More Piggies