The past Thanksgiving week with le beau has been well-spent. I turned in whatever I had the day before our last day, not really caring if I got 0’s or 100’s or 50’s, and then skipped the next day of class to begin my break early. I went shopping, rested, hung out with my boyfriend, … More Upshore

This Weekend

Friday was mulled wine night. We sat and drank spiced rum-infused red wine and talked the night away to trap Christmas and a digital fireplace blazing away on the TV. I forget what we talked about but I had four cups of wine and the room span for the most part. Saturday was date night, … More This Weekend

Que será será

Landed the internship! They called this morning. That brightened up my day. In terms of title, pay, field (it’s Industrial Organizational Psychology specific, yes!) and location, everything fell together perfectly. I feel a mixture of happiness and relief–this is one less thing I’ll have to worry about or work towards. I’m also just excited. This … More Que será será


I want to go to the antique shop. And the bookstore. And the cafe. And maybe get a mocha. Or maybe not. I don’t know. I went to the mall today. We bought matching sweaters. Her card maxed out near the end of our hang out. I wore my glasses because my contacts were irritating … More Tomorrow


A normal part of the human condition, I think, is not being entirely understood. I don’t think that that’s a good or bad thing; I think it’s just a quiet fact. After a while, I became tired of trying to understand others, trying to understanding their problems, their perspectives, their feelings. I became tired of … More Remembering