The boat crooned under twinkling lights. We criss crossed the river, people swarming the edges. We passed by a boat filled with singing partygoers blaring Mariah Carey. Restaurant fires lined the banks. Ah! Christmastime is a magical time.


“And in that moment, he was finally able to accept it all. In the deepest recesses of his soul, Tsukuru Tazaki understood. One heart is not connected to another through harmony alone. They are, instead, linked deeply through their wounds. Pain linked to pain, fragility to fragility. There is no silence without a cry of … More Harmony

Sunny Winter

It’s nice having a circle of graduate school friends who are in similar places in life. We commiserate, complain, and share with each other. It’s comforting. I used to be wary of groups, particularly groups of girls, because I’d been in a catty one in late high school. But in retrospect, that group wasn’t really … More Sunny Winter


It’s not a sleepover unless it’s 2 in the morning and our hearts are bared with the things we carry and the people we’ve wronged and moments we’ve lost or hope to lose–our resentments revealed, our angers expressed, our sadness unveiled, our gratitude spilled. A sappy sopping melting mess. I swear we were friends in … More Sleepover