I’m like a small crying cherub filled with helium always on the verge of flying into the clouds and as if I’m on a string le beau will pull me down and remind me to be here with me now


I dreamt I was waiting with my friends in a crowded tower. It reminded me of Sunday school. The feeling of waiting, the fear of your parents maybe not showing up. The cold rain and bleak quiet of waiting beside the principal. The relief when dad finally showed up. Something at work. Machine broke down. … More Waiting


If you could take a snapshot of a moment, here’s what you might see. Two sleeping guinea pigs, blissfuly oblivious to the din and movement around them. Latin music blubbering jovial through Spotify on our little blue speaker. Smell of steak butter rising thick into the air, dissipating into lake air, open windows.

King’s Cross

At 2:22 AM, the conclusion was that everything is okay. Everything is okay. Of course. When has anything been anything other than okay? I remind myself that this isn’t real, this isn’t real. That the things in our minds – they’re not real. And yet it can feel so real. Sometimes this reminder brings me … More King’s Cross