Summertime Sadness [35mm Film]

Here is the church and here is the steeple. We sure are cute for two ugly people.

This photo reminds me of the song, Anyone Else But You, a song by the Moldy Peaches. At 13, we would sit on the concrete steps and sing this tune from Juno, a movie about teen pregnancy, featuring the beloved Michael Cera. We were moody teenagers. We brooded over lots of things. We tried to embody Stargirl’s free-spirit. She had a pet rat.

I developed this set of film photos in September 2019. The images date from roughly June 2018 and onwards. After finding my parents’ old camera, I ordered a set of film developing chemicals online and made a janky home lab in the kitchen. I microwaved the developer. Loaded the film reel in my closet. Lots of trial and error. But I was pleased with the final images.

Summer 2019 was a turbulent one. All of my diary entries from this time period were angry, irritable. Annoyance weaved itself in every sentence. I wrote about my day. I wrote about drinking tea. I wrote about being sluggish, unhappy. I wrote about people-watching at the mall.

Despite it, we did fun things. Explored the Pink House, a home converted into a store, filled with trinkets and soaps and peach salsa. We drove to coffeeshops in cute neighborhoods. Bought grilled cheese sandwiches and paired them with coffee tinted beers. That day, we had ordered a strawberry-something summery pink drink. The bartender, upon glimpsing our ID’s, chuckled: “ah, little ones.”

This post is part of my Film Friday series, where I post 35mm images that I photographed and developed at home. Developed September 2019. 


5 thoughts on “Summertime Sadness [35mm Film]

      1. i did! i started last september and have really loved it. but my developing solution got sort of funky near the end. it’s pretty hit or miss, but i love the process (hate the price haha)

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