Natural History Museum

“Do you think this is what being born feels like?”

I peered around the pulsating globelike structure, which the escalator gently pushed us through. Seconds later, we were ushered into the Natural History Museum of South Kensington, London. It was filled with exhibits of rocks, fossils, gems, taxidermies, and dinosaurs. And tons of large schoolchildren. When did the children get so tall?

Wary of our visit to the Rijksmuseum, I was initially cautious. Would we be bombarded with endless floors of overflowing artwork? But my guard lowered – the exhibits were diverse and interesting. The main hall of the museum, in particular, was beautiful. Floating above the foyer was a whale skeleton. There were adorned archways and elaborate architecture. There were dinos, mammals, and reptiles. There were bird taxidermies and ancient fish.

In the gem exhibit, I took a work call. It was quick and painless, as most of my calls (fortunately) tend to be. Took marching orders, and jotted down deliverable dates.

Of all the exhibits, I enjoyed the animal ones the most. I noticed a small child hauling around her phone, carefully capturing videos of the animatronic dinos. She proudly showed the footage to her dad. It was a very cute moment.

Since the National History Museum in London was free, I would recommend it to other visitors. The only caveat would be entering from the grander side. That there are two entrances, and two sides of the building. I think we spent too much time on one size (Orange, with the birthing escalator), and wish we’d dedicated more time to the other side (Blue, with the dinos).

All in all, though, it was a good experience.

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