Figure Eight

After a wonderfully raucous meeting with my new art group – a story I’ll save for later – I went ice skating with an old friend. I also ended up befriending two little girls who asked if I could teach them to skate. One thought I was 15 years old – turns out I was … More Figure Eight

Negative Space

The book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain talks about the concept of negative space. Our brains tend to focus on objects – positive space – rather than the edges surrounding them – negative space. One example the book used was Bugs Bunny running through a door and leaving his imprint behind. Emptiness … More Negative Space


Looking ahead, I wanted to note some changes to coolpeppermint moving forward. The first big change is that I finally went ahead and upgraded my Wordpress. The pesky ads are gone. And I have a domain:!  … More Changes

Sketchbook Challenge

I have been reading the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It’s like Drawing 101, but now I’m putting theory to practice. I would find myself using these art tactics without fully understanding why. Instead of doing all the activities at once, I’m taking my time, absorbing the concepts and following the … More Sketchbook Challenge

Until You Aren’t

I’ve been having those moments where everything goes tunnel vision, the person in front of me is glowing, I’m entering a strange dimension where everything is surreally unreal. It’s the most beautiful space in the world and it lasts only a minute or forty five or however long the conversation goes. … More Until You Aren’t

The Louvre

And there she was, Miss. Mona, small and elegant, watching hundreds of bodies clamoring to get close to her, a sea of iPhones raised in the air. “All this for that?” le beau captioned his Snapchat. When I looked up her significance, all it said was: she was a realistic painting by Da Vinci, and … More The Louvre

A Mood and Moco

At le beau’s insistence, we popped by a place called Moods for brunch. In retrospect, the name and menu should have tipped us off. See, we wanted hearty. We knew we wanted hearty. Nothing hearty was on the menu, but we ordered anyways, hoping there would magically be bacon, eggs and potatoes tucked underneath somewhere. … More A Mood and Moco

Daily Portrait Challenge

Another month, another daily challenge. This June, I painted a portrait a day on the iPad Procreate app. Although the challenge was difficult, I was excited to learn about the expansive capabilities available in Procreate. And ’twas thanks to le beau, too – after completing my first horror-themed Inktober 2020, le beau gifted me an iPad. … More Daily Portrait Challenge

B&W Film

I photographed strangers, artwork, puppies, toys, store fronts, adults on small trains, humans wearing felt panda heads. It was then that I realized: there is so much whimsicalness in the world. So much strangeness and beauty. I began to shift my perception, seeing my surroundings in blacks and whites, hues and gradients, shadows and bright spots. … More B&W Film

Repeating Numbers

Happy 2/22/22! Thought I’d repost this from last Fall. I shared something similar on my Tumblr blog in 2011, too, on 1/11/11, although I’d never been bombarded by numbers until recently. (Also, this stopped around December.) Right before we went on our road trip for the 4th, I started noticing something weird: repeating and consecutive … More Repeating Numbers

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve. It’s quiet and unseasonably warm. Tonight, I set up the tree, lit up several candles, positioned the Santa projector, and put on fairy lights. In the morning, I visited family. This year, as a marker of good health, we were out and about in fresh air, chatty and active and happy. I … More Christmas Eve

Gratitude Tree

Happy Thanksgiving! This month, I practiced thankfulness by making a Gratitude Tree. Every day, I added a leaf that listed out what I was grateful for. As I generated leaves, I tacked them onto the empty branches – now that it’s Thanksgiving, I have my very own Gratitude Tree: Hope everyone is having a festive, … More Gratitude Tree

Inktober 2021

And just like that, the month is almost over, and so is Inktober! This year, based on the prompts, I drew one horror-themed drawing every single day. It was, as expected, difficult to slough through the end, but I managed to finish.  Over the years, I had watched artists join the challenge, while I remained … More Inktober 2021