We imbue our spaces with meaning and memories. There’s the playground with the green rubber nuggets that cushioned your fall while spinning cartwheels. There’s the archway where you stood on a snowy morning as you blubbered about llamas and falling in love. There’s the green space now filled with eyesore buildings where you danced in … More Imbue

when we were younger

“you know what i thought of the other day? our childhoods are for our parents they remember our first steps they remember what we liked and what we didn’t like they remember what we ate, what we didn’t eat our childhoods they’re their memories to have, not ours as you grow older your life becomes … More when we were younger


Lately I have been feeling like a creative spigot. Unsaid poems are tumbling thru my fingers – sketchbooks are beckoning, whispering. Whereas I once made excuses not to draw, I find myself drawn to art again. I’ve been reading and writing, too. Truth be told, I don’t feel like I ever lost myself. I think … More Stories

Like Fish in Water

Lately, we’ve been on the same wavelength in slightly eerie, but mostly sweet, ways. Like how he’ll dream of a specific situation that I wake up in the morning drawn to. Or how we’ll both blurt out “thanks for cleaning the apartment” and “thank you for putting your stuff up” at the same time. Or … More Like Fish in Water


I’m like a small crying cherub filled with helium always on the verge of flying into the clouds and as if I’m on a string le beau will pull me down and remind me to be here with me now