Mixed Tape

There’s something beautiful and poignant about spending time with the person you experienced the wild ride & trials of peak adolescence with. I don’t remember being cool – I remember being manic, wild, and free, full of laughter and tears. We would dip into an endless bucket of comedic genius and guffaw until our bodies … More Mixed Tape


Lately I’ve been pleased to be alive. There isn’t always – but there can be – pleasure in existence. And it feels foreign and wonderful all the same. I have crept out of some strange, dark chrysalis I had been trapped in for a decade. 2013! The space was small and stale and musty. If … More Chrysalis


We imbue our spaces with meaning and memories. There’s the playground with the green rubber nuggets that cushioned your fall while spinning cartwheels. There’s the archway where you stood on a snowy morning as you blubbered about llamas and falling in love. There’s the green space now filled with eyesore buildings where you danced in … More Imbue


Looking ahead, I wanted to note some changes to coolpeppermint moving forward. The first big change is that I finally went ahead and upgraded my Wordpress. The pesky ads are gone. And I have a domain: coolpeppermint.blog!  … More Changes